Welcome to the notice board

Posted: September 4, 2011 in General

The West Otter Lake Road Association (WOLRA) is an all volunteer group that facilitates the maintenance of the roads that access the west end of Otter Lake via highway 35.  The WOLRA hires the contractor to do road maintenance, sets and collects road fees, keeps records, distributes minutes from meetings/notices and periodically repairs pot holes or removing intruding vegetation.

In an effort to provide more timely information and reduce money and effort spent mailing out minutes, receipts and updates the WOLRA is moving to a paperless system where this information can be sent out via email (PDF).  General information of a non-confidential nature will be published right here.

The email address for WOLRA is “westotterlake@gmail.com”.  If you would like to receive road association information via email, and you have not given your email address to the Otter Lake Cottagers Association, please send it to the above address and you will be added to the list.  Please note that our email list will ONLY be used for WOLRA business.


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