Minutes for August 7, 2011 Annual Meeting

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Minutes



Sunday August 7, 2011 – beginning 1:30 p.m.

at Greg & Wendy Mills’ cottage #9

Present:  Stan Wooton (Chair) #22, Dave & Barb Anderson #12, Elizabeth Brooks #11, Bob Ketchen #3, Frank Mahoney #14, Bernie Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, Jim Petkovic #19 & John Roots #35

1.  Introductions:  Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting, noting the good attendance and pointing out that this has always been a friendly, informal association of cottagers sharing the upkeep of our jointly-owned, seasonal road.

 Mention was made of new owners at cottage #6 (Steve Burrell) and #7 (Miller/Massig).  Stan noted that Mrs. Atkinson of cottage #36 had died and the cottage is now in the name of Easton.  He also expressed condolences, on behalf of the association, on the recent death of Dave Anderson’s father.

 2.  Minutes for approval:  It was moved by Barb Anderson, seconded by John Roots that the minutes of the meeting of the 2010 annual meeting be adopted as circulated.  CARRIED..

 3.  Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Anderson noted that the current bank balance stands at $918.46.  The following expenditures have been made: 

  • $388.80 to Prolink for road insurance which covers us with $1 million liability. 
  • $5,209.30 to Don MacKay for road repairs and maintenance.  Dave noted that Don had carried out this work in two segments to accommodate early travel on the first big hill, with completion of the necessary maintenance once the frost was out of the ground. 
  • $47.03 to Barb Anderson for printing and postage. 

Outstanding Fees:

Dave reported that there are currently 8** cottages owing $160 for 2011.  Last year we had 5 owing at this time.  Three of the eight owe for 2 or more years.  **Please note that, since this meeting, two of the eight cottages have paid their fees. Please see further discussion on this topic under “New Business”. 

Dave Anderson moved adoption of this report, seconded by Greg Mills.  CARRIED. 

4.  New Business: 

(a)       Should We Increase Fees? 

In view of the limited bank balance, which would not cover emergency repairs to the road in the event of a sudden summer washout (such as we have had in the past and could easily have again!), John Roots proposed that annual road fees should be raised from $160 to $175 (with the $10 discount for early payment).  He suggested that future annual increases should be linked to the cost of inflation.  Other members suggested that this would likely not raise a large enough contingency fund and, therefore, the wording of the motion should include: “the committee reserves the right to add additional levies as circumstances require”. 

Frank explained that the original idea was to maintain a slush fund for such emergencies.  However, at this time funds have run so low that we are also not in a position to deal with dangerous trees needing to be removed.  He felt we currently have a critical situation with several trees requiring attention (these are not “Hydro” trees).  It was noted that Don MacKay regularly drops 5 to 10 trees into the bush as part of his normal road maintenance.

 Bob Ketchen described how another road association he knows of handles maintenance costs through large initiation fees for new members. (Cottagers joining the new section of our road 10 years ago also paid such a fee.)  However, it was pointed out that WOLRA does not have potential for new cottages joining the existing road so this would not be a possible source of funds. 

There was some feeling that the $15 fee increase suggested would not be sufficient.  We do minimal repairs each year but the costs of materials have been increasing substantially.  Dave noted that parts of the road are in need of more repair but he had to limit what work was done because of the available funds.  Some felt that the road dues are the least of most cottagers’ expenses.  Other expenses increase each year but we have maintained association dues at the same rate for quite a while.  Unfortunately, this is no longer adequate to cover requirements.  Any proposed increase is not intended to create a slush fund; it is necessary for basic maintenance and coverage of unforeseen emergencies, and in that regard there may still be a need for additional funds. Therefore, in view of the above discussion, 

It was moved by John Roots, seconded by Jim Petkovic that the West Otter Lake Road Association dues be raised to $200 per year in 2012(with a $10 discount if paid by May 31).  Future annual increases should be consistent with the rate of inflation and the committee reserves the right to levy additional fees as circumstances require.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

(a)       Non-Payment of Fees 

There was some discussion about the number of unpaid fees, which in some cases are for more than one year.   Comments have been received from some members who feel they are covering costs for neighbours.  It was felt that personal contact should be made by two directors, explaining the need for the fees.  In cases where several years are owing, special arrangements could be made for payment. 

It was moved by Frank Mahoney, seconded by Jim Petkovic that the WOLRA Executive make a concerted effort over the next year to have unpaid and delinquent fees collected.  CARRIED. 

Stan Wootton and John Roots volunteered to make this contact.  The Treasurer will provide Stan with the amounts owing from cottagers with unpaid accounts. 

5.  OLCA News: 

Stan referred to the new laminated map of Otter Lake produced by OLCA and included in annual membership fees or $1 for extras.  He reported from the AGM about complaints of loud music, late night noise, fireworks, etc.  Concerns will be posted on the website.  He reminded the meeting that from 2006 – 2010 OLCA paid $2,000 towards the replacement of the culvert at the west end of the lake.

6.  Other Concerns: 

Jim noted his concern about vehicles speeding on our road.  He said there had been several incidences of near-misses and he has encountered people travelling far too fast.  John suggested we use the large message board at the fork to post a clear “SLOW DOWN” sign, perhaps posting a suggested speed of 15 – 20 km/h.  It was also suggested that there be a “NO EXIT” sign at the beginning of the road near the highway, which might deter some from travelling  the road.  Jim offered to pay for the cost of these signs and Stan agreed to arrange for the signs to be made and erected. 

7.  Minutes on Website: 

It was agreed that we should ask the OLCA president about space to post WOLRA information, including minutes.  Sam Mason maintains the website.  Bernie also suggested that we try to conduct more business via email and save on postage costs.  He offered to set up a gmail account.  Mailing lists (including telephone numbers and email addresses) are compared with OLCA records.  Any WOLRA members who would be willing to provide their email address (if not already given to OLCA), please contact davidfanderson@hotmail.com)

8.  Officers: 

Current Executive members are Stan Wootton, Dave Anderson, John Roots and Bernie Mason.  Frank noted that the association was originally set up to have an odd number of officers in case of a tied vote.  It was agreed that Barb Anderson (who acts as “secretary”) should have the extra vote, if needed.  New members are always welcome on the Executive!!! 

9.  Thanks and Adjournment 

Stan thanked Greg and Wendy for their hospitality (and the tour of their newly renovated cottage).  Greg has also offered to host the 2012 meeting.  It was moved by Frank Mahoney, seconded by Jim Petkovic that the meeting be adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  CARRIED.

Minutes produced by Barb Anderson


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