Minutes for August 19, 2012 Annual Meeting

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Minutes

Sunday August 19, 2012 – beginning 1:30 p.m.
at Greg & Wendy Mills’ cottage #9

Present: Stan Wooton (Chair) #22, Dave & Barb Anderson #12, Elizabeth Brooks #11, Jan Gelderman #24, Bob Ketchen #3, Frank Mahoney #14, Bernie & Sherry Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, John Roots #35, Kathy Scarth #30, Sarah Thorne #25, Betty Wiersma #17

1. Introductions: Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting, noting that we had twelve cottages represented. Cottage #41 recently sold and the new owners are Reg and Melanie Iza of Goderich.

2. Minutes for approval: It was moved by Barb Anderson, seconded by John Roots that the minutes of the 2011 annual meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Dave Anderson noted that the current bank balance stands at $4,868.61. The following expenditures have been made:
• $388.80 to Prolink for road insurance which covers us with $1 million liability.
• $4,2237.50 to Don MacKay for road repairs and maintenance.
• $27.45 to Barb Anderson for printing and postage.

Outstanding Fees:
Dave reported that there are only 3 cottages (#28, 37 & 41) owing $200 for 2011, with some arrears from 2011 and 2010. Last year we had 8 owing at this time. Stan wrote a letter to all those owing fees in the Fall of 2011, personal contact was made and Stan wrote a covering letter with the 2012 road fees notice. It was felt that this strategy worked. Email was used for the first time this year and since some people were not used to receiving notices in this form many payments came in late, missing the discount deadline and paying $200. Dave read a letter from Su Penny (please see discussion under New Business). Dave Anderson moved adoption of this report, seconded by Sarah Thorne. CARRIED.

4. New Business:

(a) Earlier Invoicing of Fees
Dave noted that because of late payments this year there were limited funds on hand to pay for road work in the spring. Hence, limited work was done to repair winter damage. Sarah suggested sending out the invoices a month earlier, asking for payment by April 30th. Frank pointed out that road work would still not be done till early June since the equipment cannot be brought in until the frost is out of the ground. It was agreed that earlier invoicing and an email reminder might still help to get sufficient funds in to pay for work done on the road at the beginning of June.  It was moved by Sarah Thorne, seconded by John Roots that the 2013 invoices be sent out in March with a discount deadline of April 30, 2013. An email reminder will also be sent. CARRIED. It was agreed that the email system should be continued. People are getting used to it and it does save time and money. However, there are still some cottagers who do not have email or prefer to receive regular mail.

(b) Road Maintenance
Stan pointed out that only essential work was done on the road due to limited funds, but there is still some necessary work to be done, including repairs due to the recent rain storm. There was discussion of the letter from Su Penny which suggested it might be time to consider quotes from another contractor. Many felt that we have built up West Otter Lake Road Association an excellent relationship with Don MacKay (who built the original road) and he is always willing to come in an emergency, as has happened on several occasions. Frank felt we have one of the best privately maintained seasonal roads in the area with very reasonable fees. It was unanimously agreed that Don’s service and commitment is amazing and the good relationship we have built up should be maintained. Stan will contact Don to carry out the necessary repairs to washouts, hopefully having the work done prior to the Labout Day weekend. (NB: this work was carried out on August 20, 2012).
(c) Signage
Jan Gelderman noted that there is currently no sign for Tock Lane going south on Highway 35. He had contacted the Ministry and they have agreed to put up the sign again.  There was discussion of signage on our road (discussed at last AGM but never carried out). John Roots agreed to source and price some signs re speed and caution.
(d) Trees
Bernie asked about the need to remove trees close to the road (discussed at last year’s AGM). Frank felt there were at least a dozen which should definitely be taken out. These are close to our road but not on cottagers’ property. He and Jim Petkovic had taken out four dangerous trees last fall but the services of Len Lock would be required for the others. These can just be dropped into the bush, cutting down the cost. Stan asked Frank to contact Len to discuss taking down the most dangerous ones. How many will depend on funds in the account after the necessary road repairs.
(e) Fees
Road fees will stay the same for 2013.

5. Officers:
Current Executive members are Stan Wootton, Dave Anderson, John Roots and Bernie Mason. Barb Anderson acts as “secretary”. New members are always welcome on the Executive!!!
6. Thanks and Adjournment
Stan thanked Greg and Wendy for their hospitality. Greg has also offered to host the 2013 meeting. It was moved by Greg Mills, seconded by Frank Mahoney that the meeting be adjourned at 2:45 p.m. CARRIED. Minutes produced by Barb Anderson


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