Minutes for August 11, 2013 annual meeting

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Minutes


Sunday August 11, 2013 – beginning 1:30 p.m.
at Greg & Wendy Mills’ cottage #9Present: Stan Wooton (Chair) #22, Dave & Barb Anderson #12, Elizabeth Brooks #11, Larry Cassie #21, Bob Ketchen #3, Frank Mahoney #14, Bernie Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, Gordana & Stefan Rakonjac #23, John Roots #351. Introductions: Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked each person to introduce themselves.
2. Minutes for approval: It was moved by Barb Anderson, seconded by Greg Mills that the minutes of the 2012 annual meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.
3. Business arising from the Minutes: New signage was put up for Tock Lane on Hwy 35 going south. Stan noted that the OLCA had put aside $100 for a new signboard at the fork. Stan had built and erected this at a cost of $68. Frank reported that he had contacted Len Lock re tree felling on the road, but he has been unable to get this done. Len has given Frank the name of another contractor. This will be ongoing.
4. Treasurer’s Report: Dave Anderson noted that the current bank balance stands at $2,251.97. The following expenditures have been made:
$388.80 to Prolink for road insurance which covers us with $1 million liability.
$7,458.00 to Don MacKay for road repairs and maintenance.
$17.96 to Barb Anderson for printing and postage.
Outstanding Fees:
Dave reported that there are 5 cottages (#7, 15, 28, 37 & 38) owing $200 for 2013, with some arrears from earlier years. (Note: Since this meeting, fees have been received from #7 and #38). Reminders will be sent to the outstandings. He would recommend that fees remain the same for 2014.
Dave noted that the decision had been made to build up the road this year, as the contractor advised, and this had resulted in the survival of our road through several extremely severe storms which would have caused wash-outs in earlier years.

Dave Anderson moved adoption of this report, seconded by Frank Mahoney. CARRIED.
Stan itemized the invoice from Don MacKay and noted where specific repairs had been carried out. It was felt that the road build-up had been well worth the money. The culvert is in good shape and Stan noted that we should keep it well maintained since MNR had recently refused rebuilding of a culvert on the Maple Ridge Road, insisting on the building of a bridge (at great cost). Beavers appear to be back but the culvert is being kept clear. (We have since learned that Rob Timbers at Cottage #32 has been clearing the culvert regularly. Thanks, Rob, this is much appreciated!!!)
There was some discussion of the access near the culvert for those wishing to portage canoes, and whether or not this might cause erosion. It was suggested that it might be useful to mark the portage trail at the best point for taking canoes in and out.
5. New Business: Frank reported that he had driven the entire road this morning and felt that brushing was needed in several places for safety reasons. There are blind corners which could be improved by cutting brush back so a work party might be useful soon. There was concern about speed on the road and it was felt that caution signs would be helpful near some of the blind curves. Frank agreed to check on how many signs might be needed and get back to the Executive so that pricing could be sourced. John wondered if the new sign board at the fork could also be used to remind people to go carefully. Larry brought up the need for better signage at the fork. It was felt that arrows might be needed for Causeway Drive and Tock Lane. Stan and Larry will do this (as of writing these minutes, this is already done – thanks, guys!) Larry also commented on the amount of garbage he picks up in the first parking place just off #35. Do we need a No Dumping sign?
6. Adjournment: It was moved by Frank Mahoney, seconded by Dave Anderson that the meeting be adjourned at 2:30 pm. CARRIED.
Greg and Wendy were thanked for their kind hospitality. They also offered to host the 2014 meeting.MINUTES PRODUCED BY BARB ANDERSON

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