Annual Road Fees

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Annual Road Fees Notices

Good Neighbours – Working Together

37 Years of Safe Driving

March 25, 2014

Discount available on payments made by April 30, 2014

Dear Cottage Neighbour,
As you may recall, the $10 discount deadline is now applied to road fees received by April 30. With this deadline, it is hoped that sufficient funds will be received in time to pay the contractor for the necessary maintenance on our cottage road (i.e. grading, repairs to potholes, cave-ins and washouts, and the addition of gravel and limestone, as necessary. This work is usually carried out in early June, once all the frost is out of the ground and it is safe to bring in heavy equipment.

The amount spent each year is determined in consultation with the contractor, after examination of the road’s condition in May, and depends on funds available. Usually more needs to be done than we can afford and repairs are often reduced to a bare minimum.

Please remember that the road, while it may be passable, is very soft in the early spring. Winter is very hard on our seasonal road. Please go easy and try not to cause any more damage. NOTE: Access may be delayed this spring due to the heavy snowfall and lengthy freezing.  For 37 years our road has been one of the best seasonal roads in the area – useable 6 to 7 months of the year at a nominal daily cost for each of us. Your commitment to honour our friendly neighbour policy and pay your share has made this possible. It all depends on you. Thank you for your continuing support! Have a happy summer and safe driving.

Road Fees for 2014 $200.00
Earlybird discount of $10 $190.00 if paid by April 30, 2014
Please make out your cheque right away, post-dated for April 30, 2014, payable to West Otter Lake Road Association (WOLRA) and mail to me at the address below.

Dave Anderson, Treasurer WOLRA
7 Calderon Crescent
Willowdale ON M2R 2E4

Home Tel: 416-222-4986
Cottage Tel: 705-766-0888


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