2015 WOLRA Meeting Minutes

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Minutes

Sunday August 9, 2015 – beginning 1:30 p.m.
at Greg & Wendy Mills’ cottage #9

Present: Dave Anderson #12, Liz Brooks #11, Larry Cassie #21, Bob Ketchen #3, Bernie Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, Andy Muller, #32, John Roots #35, Kathy Scarth #30, Sarah Thorne #25, Stan Wootton #22
1. Welcome: Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Greg and Wendy for hosting the meeting again. The new Otter Lake map was reviewed. Current Directors are: Stan Wootton (Chair), Dave Anderson (Treasurer), Barb Anderson (Secretary), John Roots and Bernie Mason.
2. Minutes for approval: It was moved by Greg Mills, seconded by Dave Anderson that the minutes of the 2014 annual meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.
3. Treasurer’s Report: Dave Anderson noted that the report is almost a repeat of last year, with the current bank balance being $1,670.99. The following expenditures have been made:
· $6,441.00 – Don MacKay for road repairs and maintenance: a collapsing culvert had been replaced ($850); backhoe for rest of road ($1200); 2 loads of granite ($800); 2 loads of limestone ($1100); 5 loads of gravel ($1750); HST ($741)
All agreed that the road is in excellent shape and has survived extreme storms, in part due to work done last year.
· $388.80 – Prolink for road insurance (same cost as previous years).
Outstanding Fees:
Dave reported that 33 cottagers have paid and there are several owing (Note: since meeting 6 cottagers have paid). Outstanding are #26, 28, 29 & 37), with some arrears from earlier years. Sarah will provide name and email details for #26 (new owner). Received.
It was moved by Bernie Mason, seconded by Larry Cassie that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. CARRIED.
It was noted that the Perry cottage #29 is up for sale. (Note: We have since been advised by H. Parry that after September 15 the new owner will be Marie Winkel). Reminder letters were sent out by regular mail to all in arrears in July. A further follow-up letter will be prepared (using wording from a previous well-worded letter from Stan) addressed to those still in arrears. These letters will be posted on cottage doors. Kathy Scarth will post at #28 and John Roots at #37.
Road Fees:
Present fees are $200 with a $10 discount if paid promptly. Last year $1000 was spent on additional road
West Otter Lake Road Association
Minutes, August 9, 2015
Page 2
improvements. There is a continual need for upgrades to maintain a safe road. It was felt that the following improvements should be made:
– Need for more passing spaces
– Yield sign at Tock Lane and Causeway Drive
– Causeway Drive and Tock Lane signs need to be fixed – worn off
– More speed signs required
– Add sign noting few turnarounds for large trucks
It was moved by Larry Cassie, seconded by John Roots, that the Executive be asked to take action on these improvements. CARRIED.
The Executive will look into costs and make recommendations on timing or carry out the work if small and manageable. Dave will talk with Donny about increasing passing spots.
Raise Fees:
With regard to the continual requirements for road maintenance as noted above,
It was moved by Andy Muller, seconded by Larry Cassie that the WOLRA fees be raised every second year at the discretion of the Executive, with a suggested increase of $20 for 2016. CARRIED.
This matter will be reviewed at the WOLRA AGM in 2016.
4. New Business:
(a) Donny MacKay is stepping out of the business and his son is taking over. It was noted that we have always had a good relationship with Donny and hope to do so with his son.
(b) If making a 911 call, always use the new four digit ID number and specify Tock Lane. Our calls go through Lindsay and are then dispatched.
(c) Stan noted that this has been a productive meeting with 11 cottages represented, which is very good. Andy moved a vote of thanks to the Executive.
5. Adjournment: It was moved by Dave Anderson, seconded by Andy Muller, that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED.



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