Posted: September 22, 2016 in Minutes
Sunday, August 7, 2016
At Greg and Wendy Mills’ cottage #9

Present: Dave & Barb Anderson #12, Elizabeth Brooks #11a, Bob Ketchen #3, Frank Mahoney #14, Bernie Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, Andy Muller #31, Bill and Kathy Scarth #30, Sarah Thorne #25, Stan Wootton (Chair) #22, Marie and Martin Winkel #19 & #29

Regrets: John Roots

1. Introduction: Stan welcomed everyone to the meeting and commented on the great turnout. He thanked Greg and Wendy for hosting the meeting yet again (thanks for the great cookies!) and made note of the new Otter Lake laminated map which each cottager receives when they pay their OLCA dues. This year the back of the map has been printed with useful notes for Otter Lakers.

2. Minutes for approval: Minutes of 2015 meeting were reviewed. It was moved by Barb Anderson, seconded by Bill Scarth that the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting be adopted as circulated. CARRIED.

3. Business arising from the minutes: Stan mentioned that the road improvements outlined last year had been addressed. There are several more passing places; yield sign at Tock Lane and Causeway Drive has been erected; new signs for Tock Lane and Causeway Drive have been added to the notice board at the fork; two new 20 mph speed signs have been erected. In addition, Stan has purchased and put up two new laminated signs urging people to slow down in cottage country, since speed is still an issue.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Dave reported that the current bank balance is very close to last year at $1,620.59. Expenditures listed as follows:
– $7,000 & $1,192.50 to MacKay Construction for road maintenance and repairs (paid in two installments as we waited for funds to come in). This included 11 loads of A gravel ($3850), 3 loads of limestone ($1,650), new culvert ($300), grader ($1,200), backhoe ($250), HST ($942.50)

– $388.80 for liability insurance through ProLink. Same cost as previous years.
– $51.15 payable to Barb Anderson for postage and faxing (2 years)
– $100 donation to Huntsville Hospice in memory of Peggy MacKay.
Outstanding Fees: Dave reported that fees are still outstanding from cottages #4 (cottage recently sold), #7, #28, #32 (since paid), #38 (since paid) and #40. Reminders were sent out in July. Twelve cottagers paid by e-transfer. At the 2015 annual meeting road fees for 2016 were set at $220 with a $10 early bird discount, to be reviewed at the 2016 AGM. Dave suggested that this amount should stand and be reviewed at the 2017 AGM.
It was moved by Dave Anderson, seconded by Sarah Thorne that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. CARRIED.
A vote of thanks was extended to Bernie Mason for suggesting the use of e-transfer payments. People feel it is very convenient.

5. Other Issues:
– Andy Muller noted that the road is very overgrown from the Y to the culvert. Dave and Bernie offered to get together at some point and cut back the brush.
– Frank noted the problem of dangerous trees along the road. Since there are insufficient funds available to pay to have these taken down, Martin Winkel at cottage #19, who is in the tree business, volunteered to get together with Frank and take down the necessary trees. (This has since been done – many thanks to Martin and Frank!)
– Sarah commented that SPEED is still a real issue, both on the road and on the lake. It was felt that the issues of speed, noise and excessive drinking should be publicized, perhaps by posting at the boat launch. Sarah will also take this back to the OLCA.
– It was also suggested that a “no exit” sign at the entrance to Tock Lane might deter some “non-cottagers” from using the road. It was agreed that we should post such a sign and perhaps a “no turnaround” or “no boat launch”. Stan and Dave agreed to get such signs. Martin also offered to help in this regard since he has contacts in the sign business.
– Sarah reminded those present that photos for the Otter Lake calendar need to be submitted by August 15. Next year’s calendar will include “fishing dates”.
– A vote of thanks was extended to the Executive and also to Wendy and Greg for their hospitality.

6. Adjournment: 2:20 pm


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