Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Posted: September 26, 2017 in Annual Road Fees Notices



August 13, 2017 beginning at 1:30

At Greg and Wendy Mills’ cottage #9

Present:  Dave & Barb Anderson #12, Arlene Beckett #19, Elizabeth Brooks #11a, Steve & Joy Connor #10, Jeff Dinsmore #13, Bob Ketchen #3, Bernie & Sherri Mason #18, Greg & Wendy Mills #9, Bill & Kathy Scarth #30, Sarah Thorne #25, Stan Wootton (Chair) #22, Marie Winkel #19 & 29

  1. Introduction:  Stan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking Greg and Wendy for their hospitality.  Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and state how many years they have been cottaging at Otter Lake.  He reminded everyone that the OLCA map has been updated and is available from the Ackers on payment of OLCA dues.  Newcomers to the lake include Scott & Trish Adams #17, Alexis Marcella #2, Jennifer & Chris Plewes #4.

2017 is the 40th anniversary of the West Otter Lake Road.  Stan has minutes from 1976 – 77 which recorded the initiation and construction of the road by MacKay Construction.  Over those 40 years the association has continued to operate under a “friendly neighbour” policy, in a non-incorporated status.  It was noted that Frank Mahoney was very involved in the formation of the road and continued to be so for many years, and now has his cottage up for sale.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting for Approval:  It was moved by Barb Anderson, seconded by Bill Scarth that the minutes of the 2016 annual meeting be adopted as circulated.  CARRIED.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Dave reported that the current bank balance is $3,037.74  Expenditures are as follows:

  • MacKay Construction $6,441.00 for road maintenance and repairs.  This included 5 loads A gravel ($1750), 5 loads limestone ($2750), grader time ($1200) and GST ($741). Because of the constant rain, Kevin MacKay was delayed in doing the annual maintenance. However, the road has been built up over the years and withstood numerous storms this spring.  There are many more passing places.

  • ProLink Insurance $388.80 for commercial general liability insurance

  • Barb Anderson $12.89 for stamps and faxing

  • Bank charge for new cheques $54.76

Outstanding Fees:  Road fees are still outstanding from cottages #21, #28, #37 and #40.  Reminders were sent out in July and another note will be sent out with the minutes. In 2017 14 cottagers paid by e-transfer (up by 2 from 2016).

Dave reported that after discussion with Stan, it was decided that no fee increase would be necessary in 2018.

It was moved by Dave Anderson, seconded by Bernie Mason that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.  CARRIED.

  1. Other Business:  

  1. Jeff Dinsmore asked whether any tree work was necessary this year.  It was noted that last year Martin Winkel and Frank Mahoney had dealt with numerous dangerous trees.  In addition, the contractor usually pushes over others, as necessary, during the annual maintenance on the road.  Stan reminded people to continue brush work on the areas of the road near their lot line.

  2. Sarah Thorne commented on how hard Kevin MacKay had worked on the road.  Others agreed that the road is in great condition and a note of thanks should be sent to Kevin (done).

  3. Mention was made of the many years of involvement with WOLRA by Frank Mahoney, in particular his concern for dealing with dangerous trees.  At various points he also served as chair.  It was agreed that a note expressing the appreciation of the association should be sent to Frank (note of thanks delivered together with plaque).

  4. The matter of winter parking at the entrance to our road at Hwy 35 was discussed, particularly with regard to inconsiderate parking.  There are limited spaces which can be dug out.  Is it worth looking into the cost of plowing out the road end? PLEASE PARK SUCH THAT THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CARS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED.  PLEASE LEAVE CONTACT NUMBER ON YOUR WINDSCREEN IN CASE YOU ARE BLOCKING SOMEONE.

  5. Stan thanked the Executive for their efforts and, in particular, Bernie for administering our website.  Both the chair and other executive members noted that they are willing to continue but would also be happy to be replaced if others would like to serve.

Adjournment: It was moved by Bob Ketchen, seconded by Greg Mills that the meeting  be adjourned at 2:15 pm


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